Fully Integrated Advanced Drawing Tool Makes Life So Much Easier

Published on: 22-08-2017 | by Misty
We’ve all been there. Looking at an image, you instantly feel the urge to make some adjustments and draw on it to enhance the photos or take note of crucial features. Back then, you do this manually and then worry… read more

How Formitize Smart Invoicing and Quoting Will Change Your Business

Published on: 15-08-2017 | by Misty
As a business owner, you need an efficient quoting and invoicing system in your business to help you deal with customers from start to finish. Before you complete a transaction with your customer, you need to provide a… read more

Chuwi 12.3 Review: Budget Laptop with Same Screen as Microsoft Surface Impresses

Published on: 09-08-2017 | by Misty
Ben Sin writes this review for read more

Why Formitize Is a Powerful Tool for Company Compliance

Published on: 08-08-2017 | by Misty
Would you like to boost your business without shelling out thousands of dollars for some fancy equipment? Are you keen on improving your workflows without having to hire more people to join your team? Are you looking… read more

Is This How the Surface Phone Would Look? Lenovo Shows the Foldable Phone/Tablet Concept

Published on: 07-08-2017 | by Misty
Mayank Parmar writes this review for Microsoft has filed many foldable tablet/phone patents and even the Surface Phone is rumored to arrive with a foldable display. The Lenovo’s new device gives us… read more

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